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Linking Confluence Content, Webpages  SERVER | DATA CENTER CLOUD and Jira Issues SERVER | DATA CENTER

|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

You have the possibility to create links from within your DMN diagram to other DMN diagrams, BPMN diagrams (created with the BPMN Modeler Enterprise), Confluence pages, Confluence attachments, Jira issues (server only) and arbitrary external content (via URL). To attach a link to a DMN element, select it and click the "Add Link" button :add-link: . Alternatively you can select the element, open the attribute panel and click the "Add Link" button under Business Attributes. In the shown dialog you have an autocompletion search for BPMN and DMN diagrams as well as Confluence pages. Each link can be completed with an optional description, that will be displayed in the attribute panel under Links to other content.

Example: Linking a BPMN diagram

Link to a new DMN Diagram SERVER | DATA CENTER CLOUD

|Since 2.3.0-ENTERPRISE|

The tab “Create new DMN Diagram” allows to create a link to a new, empty DMN diagram. It is required to choose a Confluence page where the new diagram is to be placed to (current page is pre-selected), and the new diagram’s name. You may also provide an optional description for the link which will be displayed in the attribute panel.

Notice: Using this method will create a new DMN Modeler macro on the chosen Confluence page. If you don’t save the current DMN diagram after creating the link, the newly created DMN Modeler macro will remain existent and needs to be deleted manually.

Visualization of Different Types of Links SERVER | DATA CENTER CLOUD

|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

Choose which information you would like to focus on when viewing the DMN diagram. This way, you know at one glance which elements have a description, a comment, or links to other content.

To select which type of information should be displayed on DMN elements, go to View and set / unset the checkmark at the desired attribute type. 

Alternatively, use the individual button for each type.

To turn on/off all link icons, click the link icon toggle button.

This configuration is only temporary for the current modeling session. To configure permanent settings for the current diagram, set them in the settings menu ( Edit → Settings) under Links. See section Diagram Configurations below.

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