Cloud Migration


In order to migrate your BPMN Modeler Free / Enterprise diagrams to a Confluence Cloud instance, please follow these steps:

  • Install the latest version of BPMN Modeler Enterprise (>= 3.18.0-ENTERPRISE)

  • As Confluence administrator, perform the Upgrade procedure to make sure all of your diagrams are upgraded to ENTERPRISE, as described here:

    • We recommend doing this even if you are already using BPMN Modeler Enterprise. Maybe some old FREE diagrams are hiding somewhere from earlier days!

  • After completing the upgrade procedure, it is necessary to perform a Re-Indexing of your Confluence pages

    • After Re-Indexing completion, verify that there do not exist any more FREE diagrams in your Confluence by performing the Analysis again

  • Done. You may now continue to migrate your pages to Confluence Cloud. Please make sure to carry all your page attachments for the BPMN diagrams . All ENTERPRISE diagrams (page macros) will be recognized seamlessly after installing the BPMN Modeler Enterprise Cloud app.