Features for Confluence Admins


|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

The DMN Modeler Enterprise provides additional functionality for Confluence administrators. To access, got to "Confluence administration" → "Manage Apps", select DMN Modeler Enterprise, and click "Configure".

Default Diagram Settings SERVER | DATA CENTER CLOUD

|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

On the first pages you can set the default settings for all newly created DMN diagrams. Still, you are able to change these setting for each diagram via the diagram configuration afterwards without affecting other macros.

The options for General settings, Links and Display change the default settings for newly created DMN diagrams. See Chapter https://viadee-modeler-demo.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DMED/pages/685146197 for an in depth explanation.



|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

To enable users of the DMN Modeler Enterprise to import diagrams from GitLab, you need to set up a connection between the app in Confluence and the GitLab server. More precisely, you need to establish an OAuth2 connection between these two systems. To do this, sign into your GitLab as administrator, go to Admin area > Applications > New Application and generate an application id and secret. As Redirect URI use the one that is reported in the App Configuration of the DMN Modeler Enterprise.

For more information on this refer to the GitLab documentation

Once you obtained the application Id and secret, enter them in the respective form in Confluence. To test your connection click on Test connection - this will open GitLab in a new browser tab and require you to sign in. If your application data is correct, you will see a success message. Otherwise, you will receive feedback what went wrong.


Bitbucket Server Connection SERVER | DATA CENTER

|Since 2.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

To enable users of the DMN Modeler Enterprise to import diagrams from Atlassian Bitbucket (Server), you need to set up an Application Link between your Confluence and Bitbucket.

To do this, sign into your Confluence as administrator, go to General Configuration> Application links > New Link and enter your Bitbucket base URL. Follow the setup wizard.

It is important for the BPMN Modeler, that you choose the Oauth (impersonation) option. Otherwise it will not be able to pull files from Bitbucket.

For more information on this refer to the official Atlassian documentation

Once you established the Application link, open the configuration of the DMN Modeler Enterprise . Under Bitbucket Connection, you can click the Refresh Button to see all your available applications. Choose the desired one for Bitbucket and click on Save -done!


Space Permissions SERVER | DATA CENTER

|Since 1.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

Under the Space Permissions Tab, you have the option to restrict the use of DMN Modeler Enterprise to certain spaces. This way, the creation and editing of DMN diagrams is only permitted in the whitelisted Confluence spaces.


Usage Analysis and Upgrade of Existing Diagrams SERVER | DATA CENTER

|Since 1.0.0-ENTERPRISE|

In the Upgrade section you can upgrade DMN diagrams, that were created with the free version of the DMN Modeler to DMN Modeler Enterprise macros. This can be done either way for all models in your Confluence, or only for specified spaces or pages. If you first want to see how many diagrams exist of each type, you can start an analysis to list all DMN diagrams with corresponding space, page and link to the diagram.