FAQ - Published and Unpublished (Draft) Diagram Versions


When is a diagram version marked as 'last published'?

A diagram version is marked as ‘last published’, when it is currently visible on the page in view mode.
If you enter the diagram editor via the pencil icon from view page mode, edit the diagram and save your changes, the new diagram version will be immediately published.

If you go to the page editor first and then enter the diagram editor via edit macro, edit the diagram and save your changes, the new diagram version will not be immediately published. It will only become visible in view page mode, when you publish the Confluence page.

I entered the diagram editor and it tells me that the version currently shown (version A) is not that which is displayed on the Confluence page (version B). What do I have to do so that the version shown in the editor (version A) is published on the Confluence page?

The message is most likely shown because there is an unpublished draft version of the Confluence page in which the diagram has been edited. If you publish this draft version, then the diagram changes, too, will be displayed on the Confluence page. In case you are shown this message having entered the diagram editor from the Confluence page view (i.e. not from the Confluence editor) you can publish this diagram version by clicking on Publish this version now. Alternatively, you can also make changes to the diagram and save them. It will then directly be published on the Confluence page.

In the diagram version dropdown no version is marked as ‘last published’. Why?

There are two possible reasons. Either, the diagram is new and no version of the diagram has been published yet, or it has been created before your upgrade to plugin version 2.2.0-Enterprise (or higher) and not been edited since.

How can I publish a yet unpublished version?

Enter the diagram editor from page view via the pencil icon. Since version 2.0.0 of the DMN Modeler Enterprise, you see a message flag in the upper right corner, that offers to publish this version now, if it is in draft mode. Click this link, and the latest diagram version will be publish on the page, i.e. visible in view page mode.

Note that this message only appears, if you entered the diagram editor from page view. It will not show if you entered from page editor. In this case, you may publish the page to publish the latest diagram version.

What is the purpose of this concept?

The idea is to adapt to the behavior of Confluence in the best way. While implementing the concept of published and draft versions, it should be possible to exploit all advantages you are used to from Confluence itself.

The possibility to edit diagrams directly via the pencil icon from page view is only a short cut to the usual Confluence workflow and combines the steps of editing, saving and publishing the Confluence page with diagram changes.