Cloud Migration


|Since 2.6.0-ENTERPRISE.|

Migration of DMN Modeler Enterprise diagrams can now be completed with one click, by automatically migrating links (to other diagrams or Confluence pages/attachments) in Confluence cloud.

To be able to perform the below guide, please upgrade to DMN-2.6.0-ENTERPRISE before migration.

In order to migrate your DMN Modeler Free / Enterprise diagrams to a Confluence Cloud instance, please follow these steps:

  1. Install the latest version of DMN Modeler Enterprise (>= 2.6.0-ENTERPRISE)

    • In case you are using the DMN Modeler Free, get the free trial version of DMN Modeler Enterprise at no cost (DMN Modeler Enterprise | Atlassian Marketplace )

    • DMN Modeler Free and Enterprise versions can be installed in parallel. So uninstalling your DMN Modeler Free beforehand is not required

  2. As Confluence administrator, perform the Upgrade procedure to make sure all of your diagrams are upgraded to ENTERPRISE, as described here:

    • We recommend doing this even if you are already using DMN Modeler Enterprise. Maybe some old diagrams are hiding somewhere from earlier days!

  3. After completing the upgrade procedure, it is necessary to perform a Re-Indexing of your Confluence pages

    • After Re-Indexing completion, verify that there do not exist any more FREE diagrams in your Confluence by performing the Analysis again

  4. Go to the App Configuration of DMN Modeler Enterprise. Find the tab Cloud Migration and trigger the export of page data. Keep this file in a place where you will find it again.

  5. Migrate your pages to Confluence Cloud. Please make sure to carry over all your page attachments for the DMN diagrams . All ENTERPRISE diagrams (page macros) will be recognized seamlessly after installing the DMN Modeler Enterprise Cloud app.

  6. In Confluence Cloud: To synchronize diagram links, Confluence page and attachment links, navigate to Manage apps > Configure DMN Modeler Enterprise. Find the tab Cloud Migration and import page data by uploading the file you downloaded in step 4.
    Please note: It can happen that some linked page attachments cannot be uniquely determined and thus the link must be reset manually.

  7. Done. All your DMN diagrams, including diagram and Confluence links, are ready to use.
    Happy modeling!