Field Instances

Field Instances carry analyzable data and can be placed on any Confluence page, or even diagram elements from within our DMN/BPMN Modelers for Confluence. They always conform to their underlying Field Definition in terms of appearance, defined Data Attributes, and predefined selection values.

Creating a Field Instance on a Confluence Page

Once a Field Definition was defined, you can instantiate it as a macro on any Confluence page. Simply select the Managed Data Field Macro from the insert menu. Alternatively, use the shortcut “{“ and start to type Managed Data Fields.


In the up showing dialog, choose Field Instance, select the name of the Field Definition you want to instantiate, and fill in your instance values. Click on Create to add the macro to your page.

Change values of existing Field Instances

Selected values of existing Field Instances are changed via the Confluence page editor. Click on the Field Instance’s macro on the Confluence page. A context menu will then show the Field Instance, allowing to change its values.


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